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The handy people

Charlotte Heyman 

Charlotte loves animation most of all. And to build stuff. And draw. And make pictures.

She has been drawing all her life, studied fine arts, computer graphics and stop motion animation.

Charlotte has a background as a game artist. She has worked on multiple titles both for big and small companies as well as leading the production of a game herself. After many years as a 3d artist she transitioned to doing mostly 2d animation, motion graphics and art. So you can talk to her both about game assets, UV-mapping and hand drawn animation. And don´t get her started on the art of animation. She will never stop.

As an animation director and animator she has made several short films, some of which has been screened at festivals such as Cinanima, Festival Play, Festa Anca, La Guarimba and Fredrikstad animation festival.

And she has made attributes for puppet theatre and props for film. 

Tomas Heyman

Tomas is a jack of all trades; dancer, choreographer, theatre technician and special effects provider.

He has worked many years at Backa theatre in Gothenburg as a light designer and theatre technician, solving all kinds of problems, everything from audiovisual setups to the construction of scenography and designing stage lighting. He has a Bachelors degree in dance and choregraphy from School for new dance development in Amsterdam, and as a choreographer has made many scene performances.  He thinks in compositions and is a keen photographer. Tomas is a great at building things and solving all kinds of technical problems. Since we started HAV he has worked a lot on special effects for films and been a technical consultant for a big theatre production on tour, as well as making numerous light designs for the stage.

We are artists

Sometimes it can take a really long time to describe what we actually do.

We do animation, illustration, make stuff, special effects for films, light design and technical consultation for theatre productions. And then we build an exhibition for a museum. Or make props for a movie.  The easiest way to say it is that we are artist and we work with stories.

We tell stories and we provide environments where stories can live.

And we solve problems.

We are the result of everything we do. We are handy people

Both as professionals at the theatre or the film set or in the animation studio, we learn from everywhere and everything we do.

We love sailing and we have an old wooden boat. We replaced the keel and some of the planking. We sewed a new cover. We make stuff. We knit. We build. And we take all that experience with us in everything we do and create new exciting things and solve all sorts of problems. That is why we might help you with many things.  

It is a small family business, but we have a big network and together we can do great things. 

How can we help you? 

Examples of problems we solved

  • Making a short animation in order to visualize a scenario where Nefertiti builds a pyramid on a bog in the south of Sweden

  • Creating a toilet so small that a puppet can puke in it during a theater performance

  • Going to European theaters with a rotating stage of 13 meter in diameter containing scenography of eleven different rooms and a video projection in front of the stage.

  • Making a foam axe that looks like a real one, so that one actor can hit another actor without them getting hurt

  • Making snow in the summer because the film recorded is about christmas

  • Creating an animated film of a poem aimed at small children in order to get them interested in and talk about poetry

  • Creating  a light design for a performance that takes you all the way between Greenland and Calcutta

Things we would love to do in the future:

More animation, Dioramas about distant pasts, An animated feature film or a tv-series about a really nice troll

A beautiful stage performance, more snow, more axes, a stop motion film, a stop motion set, getting to know more people who work in the industry, Build a network that likes to talk about art, an indent for a series or film, animation for a documentary, animation of any kind, a videogame that is fun and beautiful, a minature boat with sail, Puppets, Muppets or maybe something else we haven´t thought of yet, meet nice people, work with nice people and learn new things

Some of our customers: Göteborgs stadsteater, Panorama SFX, The Purpose Studio, Backa teater, Teater Halland, Possibilitas, Ki Stone, Språkbussen, Sveriges Radio, UR, Mölndals stadsmuseum, Göteborg & Co

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